About Edward Naydihor


Edward Naydihor Jr. is a fast up and coming pro bass fisherman that exemplifies raw passion and drive. He was born and raised in Southeast Wisconsin where he cut his teeth on the superb fisheries of the north. His love for fishing started at a very early age inherited from his father Edward Naydihor Sr. an avid tournament angler. Edwards first memory of his beloved largemouth bass was captured in a photo, where a much smaller version of his current self struggled to hold his first catch as high as possible for the camera, as if to try and hold onto that heart pounding experience as long as possible. From that moment on he was hooked. In the following years he immersed himself into the world of fishing, going to sports shows, attending seminars, spending his free time on the water, and reading all the fishing material he could get his hands on. The obsession of bass fishing thoroughly tightened its grip. He continued to explore whatever roads he could and started competitive bass fishing. To date, has competed in over 425 fishing tournaments including four national championships, BFL/FLW tournaments, and is fishing the 2015 Bassmaster northern opens. He has had fishing articles published and has launched a fishing education and guide business called “unlimited possibilities angling”. His drive to compete at the top level is propelled by his belief that bass fishing is what he was born to do. This dream is supported by his wife, family and friends which accelerates him towards success. With his drive, passion, and support he knows that he can rise to the challenges chasing a dream requires. One thing’s for certain, this will not be the last time you hear the name Edward Naydihor in bass fishing!